My name is Kevin Herrera, and I am currently employed as a Network Applications Engineer at EBSCO Information Services. I am the architect of a variety of internal and external web applications. During my productive free time, I enjoy working on open source projects and learning new things. My remaining time is spent enjoying the company of others, exploring the various cuisines this world has to offer, or playing games or guitar.

Early Life

My interest in computers began with my dad. When I was much younger, he used to bring home computers that could execute a dialect of the BASIC programming language. Being the oblivious kid that I was, I simply popped the keys out of the keyboard with a screwdriver. I eventually matured enough to understand that if I pushed a key, the corresponding letter was printed on the screen. After years of being exposed to computers, I began wondering how I could make it do things I wanted.

At first, I would ask my dad to do something simple for me, which I would then add to my website. Eventually my requests became complex enough where he decided to throw a book at me: Programming Perl, 2nd Edition. The rest is history, as they say. I ended up learning many other scripting, system, and markup languages over the time. Today, I am always looking for something new, whether it be a language or programming paradigm.


$me = new Kevin();
$me->addTalent('Abstract Thinking');
$me->addTalent('Critical Thinking');
class Kevin extends Human
    private $talents = array();
    public function addTalent($talent)
        $this->talents[] = $talent;
    public function getTalents()
        return $this->talents;

Abstract and critical thinking are my talents. Those talents are what have enabled me to learn many languages and techniques. In the words of Bradley Nowell, “the day that I die will be the day that I shut my mouth and put down my guitar.” Or in my case, shutdown my computer and put down my source of caffeine.

My skill set has been refined to create, modify, and maintain web applications. I also design and create the tools that are used to maintain some of those applications. From assembling a server from components, to installing software from tarballs, I have done everything that would need to be done in order to launch an online service.


I have installed and configured web servers, registered domains and configured DNS zones, designed and developed command line, desktop, and web applications, and handled technical support requests. While unfortunate, I have also identified and managed the resolution of a disaster recovery scenario. I work well under pressure, and have done so under unconventional circumstances (flooded server room).