Kevin Herrera

I want to start by thanking everyone who has used and contributed to the open source projects I created. Working on these projects have taught me a lot about what it means to be a good developer. What I did not expect is that it would also educate me on what it meant to be a community leader, even if it was a small community.

While there is no excuse for the lack of attention I have shown some projects, there are some changes in my life that will make it difficult, if not impossible, to continue working on them. There is nothing negative happening in my life, fortunately, but they are something I chose to prioritize above my projects. One of the biggest ones is that I am going back to school.

Abandoned Projects

I have created an organization on GitHub called kherge-abandoned that will host all of the repositories for the projects I am abandoning. These projects will have all notifications disabled, so I will not be alerted of any new issues, pull requests, and related events. Over time, I will do what I can to mark these projects as abandoned in the appropriate channels (e.g. Packagist).

I have intentionally left the issue trackers open so that users can be aware of issues that other users have discovered. This may help in the resurrection of the project, handled by someone else at a different repository.

Life Support Projects

Box and Sqon are both on life support.

What I mean by life support is that I have absolutely no intention of abandoning these projects. Unfortunately, I will have a lot of trouble finding time to work on them as much as I have in the past. Pull requests and open issues will be worked on when I am able to find the time. Pull requests and open issues for bugs will always be held at a higher priority than any other type of issue.

When life decides to ease up on me, I fully intend on returning to them. I have big plans for both Box and Sqon, but they have been put on hold for the mean time.

Active Projects

The projects hosted in the following locations will see active development:

Some of them I depend on for work, so they will naturally see the most activity. They may still not see as much activity as they did before, but I am committed to maintain them.