Kevin Herrera

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I was part of a team responsible for the planning and production of the product. I assisted with interface design and was developer for the toolchain that was used to create, convert, package, and deliver the contents of the database. When we migrated content from our other databases, my expertise leveraged in collaboration with production managers, database administrators, system administrators, and third-party vendors to create the software and workflow that is vital to the product.


In the planning phase, I assisted the project manager with creating mockups and editing screenshots. During the initial stage of development, I collaborated with our database adminstrator to map existing information into a proprietary XML schema. From there I created a suite of tools to automate the extraction, conversion, and delivery of the content. With the final format defined, I collaborated with a vendor and our graphics designer to create several PDF templates. The final schema was also used to export the content for the new database to generate new courses for our continuing education system.


  • Bash
  • Java
  • PERL
  • XML
  • Adobe InDesign
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Ant
  • Syntext Serna