I am a developer with a passion for optimizing my personal life.

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How I Took Control of My Finances

As I mentioned before, I was not always on top of my finances. It took a lot of trial, error, and (ironically) money to discover the path that best worked for me. While not everyone works the same way I do, I hope to at least provide an avenue of exploration before moving on to try some other approach.

As an aside, I’d like to mention how links are used in this post. I gloss over some rather important details, such as what something is or how it works, because something I linked to could do a better job of giving them. I recommend reading the links that interest you as you read the post and then resume where you left off.

At the risk of sounding like some clickbait blogger, there were three things I needed to do. These things occurred in the following order:

  1. Be open minded and maintain self-control.
  2. Document all of my income and transactions.
  3. Use tools to simplify budgeting as much...

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My Journey into Personal Finance

As a kid, I relied on my dad for everything just as any kid would. I would ask for things but never considered how much it would cost him. He tried to teach me some lesson about money by giving me an allowance but as a kid it never really registered. All I knew is that once a week I would get a few dollars that I could either spend or save.

I remember a time where my dad would suggest that I save the money in an envelope and not touch it. We tried this a few times but I always ended up cashing out when something caught my eye. Eventually I asked him if he could simply deny my requests to cash out and he reluctantly agreed. This went on for a few months and I can imagine how hard it must have been for him to turn down his emotional kid in order to fulfill my request.

Once I wore him down, I cashed out and he didn’t agree to do it again.

As a teen, my wants grew and became more...

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